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Have you ever sympathized to find out the sex of the baby?

As soon as the pregnancy is announced, the couple, friends and the whole family just want one thing: find out the sex of the baby. But until the long-awaited answer arrives, how to hold off anxiety and curiosity? After all, before the ultrasound verdict, is it possible to identify the difference in pregnancy between boy and girl? Have you had any sympathy to find out the sex of the baby ?

Difference in pregnancy between boy and girl: fact or myth?

Superstitions, games and sympathies may not even have a scientific basis, but they certainly alleviate the anguish that each woman has with this feeling of being generating a life. In addition, belief in sympathies is a way to overcome situations in which we feel out of control and to prepare, imagine, relieve tension

So, several methods are used to find out the sex of a baby, depending on the method it is possible to know from two months, but what about before that? Well, you have to be patient …

If you or someone close to you is pregnant, check out 6 sympathies to have fun and try to find out the sex of the baby:

Head or crownAsk the mother to extend her hand. If she shows her hand with the palm facing up: it is a small one. Otherwise, it will be a girl.


Pick a mother’s hair, tie the ring on it, mount a pendulum and position it in front of the pregnant woman’s belly. If the pendulum moves back and forth, the baby is a boy. If the movement is circular, it is a girl.

Which pillow?

Hide a fork and spoon under two different pillows and ask the mother to choose one. If she chooses to sit on the pillow with the spoon, the baby will be a girl. If it is for the fork, it is a boy.


Add the age at which the woman became pregnant, the month she became pregnant and the number nine. If the result is even, the baby will be a girl. If it’s odd: boy!

Sweet or salty?

This superstition says that if the pregnant woman is more eager to eat sweets during pregnancy, the baby will be a girl. If it is the other way around, prefer savory, it will be a boy.

Superstition of the ring

The pregnant woman passes a line through a ring and, lying on her belly, holds the line so that the ring is close to the belly. boy. In addition to these superstitions and games, we also believe in the different feelings related to the difference in pregnancy between boy and girl. But it is worth remembering that each baby and each family is unique and all this popular wisdom has no scientific validity. So, have fun trying to guess but don’t create high expectations so you don’t get frustrated. It is best to follow an advice that my grandmother always used to calm me down in the three pregnancies I had: calm down and always ask me to come in very good health, no matter whether I am a boy or a girl!